Planned project actions

The project actions are split in the following categories:

Preliminary actions:

Preliminary studies on vegetation and species,

Executive project for direct conservation actions

Hydraulic and impact assessment, which is essential for optimal implementation of conservation measures.

Concrete conservation actions:

The project includes two concrete conservation actions aimed at the protection, restoration and improvement for the targeted habitat.

These actions consist in:

Restoring 40 acres of Habitat 1150 * - Coastal lagoons;

Restoring 1.2 km of Habitat Coastal dunes with Juniperus spp 2250*.

The project foresees actions to raise public awareness and disseminate results through communication activities including production of paper and multimedia dissemination materials, environmental education and other dissemination activities about the project objectives.

The following activities are foreseen for operational management and monitoring:

Project management office, monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the actions, liaison with other LIFE projects to share experience, and financial control.