Habitat restoration actions in the SCI Ofanto Valley - Lake Capacciotti




Good news for the Otter

During field activities, good news for the queen of the river, the Otter, one of the most rare and elusive mammals of Italy has confirmed its presence not only in the project area...



Biodiversity day

On the occasion of the "World Day of Biodiversity" it was organized a day dedicated to LIFE Aufidus within the Regional Park of the River Ofanto and therefore also of the Site of Community Importance...


The edicational project

Our river Ofanto continues to give us and our little companions, emotions and suggestions always new, to make us ask for more and more destructive madness which...





Natura 2000 is the name of a "network"

of areas for the protection of biological diversity

in the European Union through the maintenance

or restoration of natural habitats

 of Community interest.

The LIFE + programme is the EU's financial instrument for  environmental conservation.

The general objective is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development

of EU environmental policy and legislation, including the integration of the environment

 into other policies, thereby contributing

 to the sustainable development.